Code Reading Calculate Wbnb per Token

Code Reading: Calculate WBNB per Token

Given a token, how do calculate its value against WBNB?

Someone already solved this for us, but let us try to understand what the code is actually doing.

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Speed Up Ruby on Rails Development Environment

There will be a time when your Rails development environment started to become very slow due to multiple reasons, but mostly because your codebase is very big and the monolith architecture is just too sweet for you to pass on.

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Integrate TradingView’s HTML5 Charting Library with Ruby on Rails v6

As you probably know, the charting library is not accessible publicly. You need to request access from them. So, I can’t really give a complete repo as an example. I did however open a PR at, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be accepted.

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Exporting data from RDS to S3 using AWS Glue


Why would we even want to do this? Just imagine if you have data that are infrequently accessed. Keeping it in your RDS might costs you more than it should. Besides, having big table is gonna cause you a bigger headache with your database maintenance (indexing, auto vacuum, etc).

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Order Update with Two-Step Payment

I was asked about this from my latest job application. Didn’t realize it’s going to be this long so I thought I should share it publicly, easier for me to show it to the next interviewer. The exact question was:

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