1. Install CUPS-PDF based on your distro, you can download if from here.

  2. Go to http://localhost:631.

  3. If the page requested a username and password, just enter your root as username and password for your root.

  4. Go to Administration > Add Printer.

  5. In the Add Printer page, put a name for your virtual PDF printe, any name will do. Then click Continue.

  6. For the Device for a, you should select CUPS-PDF (Virtual PDF Driver). If it’s not there, then you haven’t executed Step 1 successfully.

  7. In the 3rd page, choose Generic as the Make and then click Continue.

  8. In the 4th page, choose Generic CUPS-PDF Printer (en) as the model and then click Add Printer. For now, you’re done, but we need to customize where the file will be generated when you printed it.

  9. Edit /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf

  10. Put these lines at the end of the file and save it (both can be customized):

    Out /home/${USER}/Desktop
    Label 1

    The first line actually tell CUPS to print your file to the Desktop and the second line will make sure your file won’t be overwritten by a newer one.

  11. Restart CUPS