Rails 6 with Bootstrap (Webpacker for JS, Asset Pipeline for CSS)

I haven’t really worked on Rails for a while so I decided to take a sneak peek on what’s going in Ruby on Rails land.

The first thing I want to try is to integrate Rails with Bootstrap. It seems like a lot of tutorials are focusing on how to use webpack for CSS and JS.

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Trick to Make Telegram Bot Private

Recently, I learned a trick to make my Telegram bot private to certain users.

I tried not to create the whole CRUD thingy for the membership and after Googling I found out about one of the API provided.

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How Bcrypt Compares Password

I’ve always wondered about this.

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Manage Multiple App URL in Local Development

These days we might have multiple local applications that are running on different ports (e.g: http://localhost:3000, http://localhost:3001 and so on). This is pretty troublesome as we have to remember which application is running on which port.

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About Proc, Lambda and Block

I keep on searching for this topic, so I guess it’s time I put it on my blog.

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